MacroAnalyst  tries to position Europe in a global matrix.

Our main result: EuroSclerosis - No such Thing!

Based on fundamental rows, MacroAnalyst  is searching for a correct position. Is it correct to label Europe sclerotic? What is a comparison of facts telling us? A long term series is a helpful base for the formation of one's opinion. Therefore we present a number of statistical series which reach over four decades, sometimes back to World War II. We try to find dominand patterns.

MacA  publishes in German. But you can read the main message of this comparison in English, too.

In November 2000 we produced a research paper for the "Trade Deficit Review Commission" of the US Congress, containing all our arguments.
You will find it under:

search for "USDTRC"
Button: Research Papers,
select: "
The US Trade Deficit - A View from Europe"

In case You are interested in an update of the presented data You might look into the German sector of MacA,
where You will find a navigation tray including all updated diagrams.

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